Chiropractic Care

Looking for chiropractic care in Northwest Indiana? We can help!

At NWI Spine Institute, we have brought together a team of the most comprehensive pain and spinal care experts in the region to offer you top quality service that you can trust. When it comes to finding a chiropractor, there is no need to look any longer. We can help you today.

Our team seeks to reduce pain and also make a focus on improving the functionality of each patient that comes through our doors. On top of that, we make a point to educate all of our clients on how they can account for their own health with exercise, ergonomics, and also other therapies which can help treat back pain.

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Javier J.

Great location, great staff, Dr. Hyder was very knowledgeable, very friendly, and respectful! Staff was very nice and welcoming, right to the point and definitely not your average Doctors office! When it comes to your back we all need someone who seems to love what they’re doing!!

Belinda J.

Great office, so clean and efficient. Staff is great. I love that my surgeon and my pain doc are in the same office. I can’t wait till the PT and the massage therapist.

Patient of Dr. Hyder

“I couldn’t do anything—that’s how much pain I was in. But now I am three months out of surgery and the pain level is about 1 compared to a 20.”